Manpreet Kaur Roman

My husband was already on a student visa in Australia and we got married during the period of his education and soon after marriage I too wanted to accompany him to Australia. So, I wanted to apply student dependent visa to Australia, but no consultancy have taken our case as it is of recent marriage and they say visa won’t be given to a dependent with recent marriage. I got so much depressed with this. Then, I came to know about Future Overseas Education (Future in Australia) and we approached them and they took our case. Mr. Dilip sir being a MARA agent projected our case so positively that within no time my visa got granted. I am really happy with the fast and professional response I got from the whole team.

(Australia Student Dependent visa) (05-01-2015)

Varun Chowadary Bellamkonda

I really had a very good professional experience with the whole team which is led by Mr.Dilip Nooney. There were few issues in my documents and these guys helped me out with this. The kind of documentation they provide for the presentation for the final visa is too professional. Neither the team nor Mr.Dilip ever hesitated to answer any kind of queries I had during the total duration of the process. I would really recommend this kind of professional guidance to all the students who are processing for Australian and New Zealand student visas.

(Newzealand student visa) (14-02-2015)

Pradeep Kumar Kommineni

I Pradeep Kumar Kommineni have applied for 476 visa from Future in Australia. They have provided me a good service and well followed me regarding my pending documents while my application is in process. I didnt submit my DOB. Even-though, I got my visa because of the contacts and responsibility. I am lucky to found consultancy like Future in Australia. I will suggest only this consultancy to my friends.

(Australia subclass 476) (06-03-2015)

Santhosh Madri

My visa got rejected at first when I applied to Australia student visa due to a reason that I don’t have IELTS score. Even my agent couldn’t do anything about it. Then I surfed in Google regarding cases like mine, and I got these guys (future overseas education) number and I contacted them and they responded to me very positively right from the start and guided me how to project my case and Mr.Dilip sir has fought my case and finally got me the visa. I am really very happy with all the services provided by these guys.

(Australia student visa, subclass 573) (07-04-2015)

Moulya krishnappa

Thanks a lot to Future in Australia. When we approached an Un-registered agent regarding our student visa, they discouraged us and told that we can never get a Visa to Australia. Then we have approached Future in Australia which is a MARA registered consultancy and we have succeeded in getting our student visa with the able guidance provided by N. DILIP KUMAR, DIRECTOR, Future in Australia who is very helpful & encouraging which is most important step towards the achievement of my goal. There was a very good follow up during the application process. We have started processing of our application on Jan 18th 2014 and Visa is granted on 27th Feb 2014. The staff in Future in Australia is very responsible and caring and did a great Job. I would recommend Future in Australia to one who seeks to know more about studying in Australia. Finally once again I am very grateful to FUTURE IN AUSTRALIA and to its staff lead by Mr. DILIP KUMAR NOONEY in getting my Visa.

(Australia student visa, subclass 573) (12-05-2015)

Sai Krishna Reddy

When I decided to pursue higher education, I was confused which country to choose for. When I first approached Future Overseas Education, I felt so confident of choosing Australia with the benefits explained by them. From writing the SOP till getting the visa, all the process was very smooth and they guided me in every step as and when required. I thank Future Overseas Education for the support and helping me in achieving my dreams.

Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) Master of Engineering (Deakin University) (14-06-2016)

Chukkala Umesh Chandra

My journey with Future Overseas Education was very good and they helped me in getting the offer letter to financial guidance to getting my student visa. Their boss Mr. Dilip Nooney is very professional and guided us on how to arrange the genuine financials without any fraudulent things, which normally the other consultancies wont do. Thank you so much for helping me in reaching my destination

Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) Master of Professional Engineering (Swinburne University) (13-07-2016)

Sonti Vinay Kumar

Future Overseas Education has the much trained staff and they know what is needed at what time. They only work with genuine documents and never encouraged me in getting into creating fraudulent documents. I even told that I will get them at my risk, but they straight away refused to process my visa with them and guided me in getting the genuine documents. The end result being hassle free processing and I got my visa.

Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) Master of Construction Management (Deakin University) (07-08-2016)

Vishal Reddy

My journey started with Future Overseas Education for processing my profile for Australia. But, after seeing my profile they suggested me to process for NZ as I have more backlogs. As I stressed them to process for Australia, they applied for few universities from which I got rejections due to my backlogs. What good about this consultancy is that they think about the student career and their valuable time and to keep me on track, they applied for NZ universities as well and by the time I got Australian universities outcome, I had an offer from NZ which made me save time. With their guidance, I finally got my Visa for NZ for which I am very much thankful to them.

New Zealand Student Visa Graduate Diploma in Computing (Level 7) (08-09-2016)

Swathi Chellamala + Dinesh mandadi

The team of Future Overseas Education is very experienced and they are very good in their job. When I started the process, I didn’t had proper financials and unlike other consultancies, Future Overseas Education didn’t encouraged me to go for fraudulent documents, but they took time and clearly guided us how to arrange the documents which made me get my Student Visa along with my husband dependent work visa. They suggested me in the right direction right from selection of the course with which my husband can get work rights from India itself. Many thanks to the entire team of Future Overseas Education for guiding me in the right direction.

New Zealand Student Visa + Dependent Work Visa (20-10-2016)

Bhup Narayan

I am from Singapore and I wanted to apply for NZ student visa for my higher education. I was looking for a trustable agent who can handle my case in the right direction. I came to know about Future Overseas Education (Future in Australia) through online reviews. Their boss Mr. Dilip Nooney is an IAA agent who is certified to deal NZ visas. Even being in different country, they guided me very nicely and helped me from writing the SOP to arranging the documentation for the visa purpose. I am very happy with their services and feel that they are the best in this business.

New Zealand Student Visa (20-01-2017)

Shruti Gaur

I am Shruti Gaur from Rajasthan, 27 years old, married and have a 1 year old baby. Like many youths of this country, in lieu of settling a career in a better place and environment other than India, I always wanted to move to Australia. Before I was even married, my husband went to Australia for studies and came back in just 3 months due to some family issues. At that moment he had no idea what kind of impression he is leaving with immigration department while doing so. After he came back to India, we got married few months later, had our baby a year and a half later. All this while we were doing our jobs, but never had that satisfaction and that urge to move to Australia even aggravated. We started contacting consultancies for the purpose of doing the process of shifting to Australia either through PR or studies. Me and my husband worked in Gujarat and so by default we tried contacting people in our close vicinity. We were told initially that we can get PR, though we could clearly understand that we are not meeting up eligibility criteria. The fake promises made us trust them lesser, each day and we asked if we can get there through student visa. Every consultancy we contacted denied us completely based on the immigration history of my husband. People said that it is impossible for us to even get an offer letter from university, considering the GTE requirement these days, leave apart getting VISA. No one actually was ready to take up our case. One fine day I decided that I want some genuine advice of someone who really know what is the truth of the system. I searched all licensed immigration agents in our country, to tell the truth there are only few licensed immigration agents for both Australia and New zealand In North India. we experienced that even licensed immigration agents were making fake promises, we decided to take up someone from South India as people from there are straight forward, ethical and true to their work. I found the name of Mr. Dilip Nooney and Future overseas education online and contacted them through online. Dilip sir clearly counselled me over what is possible for me and what is not. He said that there are no issues with my case and he is confident that we can make it through student visa. One of the team member of Dilip sirs team told me during counselling that if Dilip sir will file your visa it will not get rejected, I have so much faith in my boss and today I carry the same faith in him. If Dilip sir is saying a yes to something, it would be done surely. I was redirected to Mr. Narender in process department for my formalities and process and I worked with him for around 6- 7 months. He was very cooperative, hard working and calm person. He handled all my process very smoothly and in time. As a student and client, there were times when I was very anxious for things because of my case history, but I have never seen a person calmer than Mr. Narender and handled all our worries with ease. Mr. Sundar works in the Australian office of the consultancy and I think he has a lot of things to handle, but I am extremely thankful to him for being there at the time of emergencies for me and assuring me that things would be all right. Finally by everyones efforts and cooperation, I got a offer letter from QUT, which is pool 1 university and got the Visa as well and I am just planning to fly to Australia. Cant believe my dream has come true. Cant thank everyone enough. Thank you so much for every single effort everyone has put in, may be people I dont know personally and people whose names I have not mentioned but I am sincerely thankful to everyone.

Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) +Spouse Dependent + Child Dependent (09-02-2017)

Bharath Devarupalla

I am very thankful to Future Overseas Education for getting me the NZ Student visa. They gave me good suggestion in selecting the course and college which was of my interest and took me in the right direction and got me the visa. All the team members were very supportive all through the process. Thank you once again for getting me the visa.

New Zealand Student Visa (05-03-2017)

Raavi Ashok Chakravarthi

I cannot say how much Future Overseas Education (Future In Australia) has helped me in getting my dependent visa. I had 6 visa refusals for different countries based on different reasons, most of them being unprofessional guidance from the agents. I went to many consultancies and all of them turned down and said that they cannot handle my case and it is very risky. But when I approached Mr.Dilip Nooney, who is a MARA agent, he gave me confidence that I can get the dependent visa. He handled my case very professionally and got me the visa. There were instances where I got panicked, but their team always gave me confidence right throughout the process. I will always be thankful to Mr.Dilp and his team for their efforts.

Australia Student Dependent Visa (07-04-2017)

Sridhar Gutta

I thank Future Overseas Education (Future In Australia) for getting me the student dependent visa for Australia. My case was peculiar, as mine was not arranged marriage and didn’t had much proofs. But the consultancy took my case and suggested me the ways in which I can prove my relationship. They have good knowledge about the documentation which is required for the Visa purpose and suggested me the best ways in which I can get my visa.

Australia Student Dependent Visa (12-05-2017)

Katta Sai Prudhvi

I actually did my Australia Student Visa processing through other agent who didn’t guided me in writing the SOP properly and also in arranging the visa documents due to which I had my Visa refusal. I read about Future Overseas Education (Future In Australia) online and got to know that they are very professional and knows how to handle the refusal cases. I approached them and discussed my case and went through all my documentation and then took my case. They guided me in the right way in writing the SOP, arranging the sponsor documents and ultimately I got my visa. They are very good and know how to handle different kind of cases and i would suggest students to approach this consultancy if they want to get the Visa without any issues.

Australia Student Visa (06-06-2017)

Dinesh Pandian

The admission process went really smooth with Future overseas Education, I have been very impressed with Mr. Dilip Kumar Nooney, who helped me at every step. The relationship between Counsellors and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest

Australian Student Visa (10-08-2017)

Rajesh Kumar Boppudi

I received ample guidance in every aspect concerning my visa application. I appreciate and thank Future Overseas Education wholeheartedly for their efforts. Starting from the selection of the university to the course which can help me to prove my skills and finalizing the field of specialization, they guided me with every important decision.

Australian Student Visa (15-10-2017)

Salman imran

“ Future Overseas Education is the best place if you plan for studies abroad, it is the best place you can plan for studies abroad, I recommend any new student to apply through this consultancy. The entire application procedure is very transparent and satisfactory, the staff was also very helpful, they are the best in market. “

Australian Student Visa (20-11-2017)

Mounika Revuri

Future Overseas Education helped me a lot with the entire end-to-end process starting from short listing of the universities till giving me the mock interview for my visa, they helped me with every single detailing. Even if you forget doing something, no need to worry, you will always have one or another counselor to back you up at every stage of your application process

Australian Student Visa (05-12-2017)

Subin Menon

It was my dream to study in Australia and they made it possible to fulfill it. They are the best education consultants. Wonderful guidance and advice given by the counselors motivated me a lot and finally got my visa done, They have given me best service for visa and admission process.

Australian Student Visa (08-01-2018)

Yadagani Chetan Jagapathi

Applying for abroad university is not an easy task and not something that can be done on our own, Throughout my experience with Future Overseas Education, This is probably the most friendliest and trustworthy Australian education consultancies I have ever been, Counselors advice was integral at every step taken and that is why I was able to get course and the University of my Choice.

Australian Student Visa (11-02-2018)

Williams James Rahul

Excellent consultancy services, Counselors are always available at phone call as well. Lot of documents submission and application process was made very easy. It was really good and helpful. I got a clear picture about every formalities to be completed, I recommend it to all students planning to study abroad to approach Future Overseas Education

Australian Student Visa (11-03-2018)

Gadikoyya Shashikanth Reddy

It was really nice to be with such a nice team. I am really impressed with the way of support and constant monitoring; I did not have to worry about anything. It was a smooth process. I will definitely recommend Future Overseas Education to my friends. Thank you!!

Australian Student Visa (18-04-2018)

Gangula Gowtham Reddy

The staff and counselor have always helped me throughout the process, right from the counseling to the visa application process. Very student friendly and step wise approach is employed. The counselors guided me and helped me to chose the right university according to my course. Thanks to the entire team.

Australian Student Visa (10-05-2018)

D. Ranish Reddy

Very good. The counselors are very professional and helpful under the leadership of Mr. Dileep Kumar Nooney, I really liked the way they are guiding the students, they have truly helped me in deciding the university and course of my choice and have helped me in all the process and visa as well.

Australian Student Visa (18-06-2018)

Jacob Divya

A wonderful learning experience at Future Overseas Education, I have known my potentials, as where I stand and this gave me a clear picture to my future. I got very good guidance in my selection of course and gathering documents for visa. I appreciate their work and I am really thankful to them.

Australian Student Visa (07-07-2018)

Vanam Avinash

Starting from course selection to the pre-departure activities Future Overseas Education, has been modest and a genuine helping hand. I am pleased with their services. The counseling was great and thanks a lot in assisting me in every step of my application.

Australian Student Visa (22-08-2018)

Madhavi Narayan Y

My overall experience was good with Future Overseas Education. The team really helped me in all the process. My counselors have been a great help during this journey, hassle free, very friendly and guidance was exceptional.

New Zealand Student Visa (04-09-2018)

Shaik Sameer

Excellent work being done by Future Overseas Education to relieve parents from all the paper work, the suggestions to select the university as per our need and qualification the guidance on financial support were good. They were very helpful throughout the admission process and made it very simpler. I loved everything about Future Overseas Education Great Job and keep up the good work.

Australia Student Visa (06-10-2018)