Using a Registered Migration Agent (RMA)

Using a Non Registered Agent

A RMA will have good and up to date Knowledge about Immigration Laws and process, as it is a requirement to hold their registration. They will have access to the respective immigration laws and policies as they are trained in immigration law.

A non registered agent may have very limited and superficial knowledge about immigration laws & process which are basically read from the immigration website.

 He is trained in the local university on local immigration laws and has access to the law library of that country law. As they are trained law professionals, they can interpret the laws accurately.

An unregistered consultant is dependent on the content which is only available on the internet and if he interprets the law wrongly then the application will be at stake.

A RMA is bound by the code of conduct mandated by the Registration authorities and will always act in the legitimate interest of the applicant and give accurate advice. He is monitored by the Registering agency on every case he is dealing, which will keep you safe, as for any wrong practice will hurt his reputation on the whole.

A non registered agent might give incorrect advice, make false promises and may take advantage of the applicant's situation and he is not monitored by any one and does not have any fear of getting punished for any wrong done on your application. His mistake will get you and your application penalized which is irrevocable.

A RMA is mandated to manage the applicant’s money in a separate account until services have been provided. Their accounts are also audited from time to time.

A non registered agent is not answerable to any authority on dealing with the applicant’s money. There are numerous instances of swindling large amount of applicants money and providing fake visas to the applicants by taking huge amounts.

 RMA can identify the errors in the Immigration Owfficers decision and help you to plan your future applications and also help you in getting you justice by taking your application through review process which are provided by different countries.

An un-registered agent will have very little knowledge about the review process available in different country visa system. They will not be able to give rightful advice on your next process in case of a refusal or cancellation of your visa.

A RMA has to maintain applicant’s documents very carefully. In fact he has to maintain the client record for seven years. He can get you access to your old applications and documents which you have submitted before.

A non registered agent may misplace your documents, including important originals and the client has no recourse to take any action. You will be in a difficult situation when you wanted to apply for any other visa in future for you and your family. If he bluffs to the immigration, you will be liable for his wrong doing and you will be penalized.

A RMA is authorized to represent the client in front of the immigration and other authorities and is also obliged to keep the client informed about the visa outcome in a timely manner. This means the RMA can clear any doubts or give clarifications to the authorities on  behalf of the client.

A non registered agent is not authorized to represent the client in any situation and is therefore is not in a position to clear doubts or give clarifications to the authorities. He also under no obligation to keep the client informed about the visa outcome which will jeopardize you once you get a visa. He may play with you and he may also use your visa with other clients and get you into trouble. He may also play with your personal information for other purposes which can damage your future.

Your application will be accepted for processing by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) if a registered agent lodges the Visa application. INZ refuses to accept applications from unlicensed people acting illegally.


The Visa application will be returned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). INZ refuses to accept applications from unlicensed people acting illegally. They will interview the applicants and if they mention that they have used an unregistered agent their application will be denied for a visa.


A RMA has to get his license renewed every year, by continuously improving his professional knowledge. This ensures that the RMA is up to date with the latest changes in immigration laws and rules.

Since a non registered agent is illegally providing services of dubious nature, he is under no obligation to have up to date knowledge about the immigration laws and rules. This can lead to fraudulent management of the visa process.  A small mistake in your application can shackle your complete dreams.