IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority for New Zealand)

IAA is a government  authority who monitor the activity of the Migration Agents who are providing NZ immigration advice to the clients across the world.

Who can give immigration advice?

Any person who gives New Zealand immigration advice must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority. The Licensed Immigration Advisers have specialized knowledge about immigration law and procedure. They should meet the competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct,  https://www.iaa.govt.nz/for-advisers/code-of-conduct/, as set down by the Government of New Zealand.

The code requires advisers to:

  • Be ethical, honest, professional and respectful
  • Have a written agreement with the applicant that clearly shows the services provided by them and at what cost
  • Give timely and ongoing updates
  • Charge appropriate fees that are fair and reasonable

Licensed Immigration Advisers can help the applicants to explore all possible visa options and suggest to the applicant the right one. They will also help the applicants with correct documentation for lodging the visa application. They can also help applicants whose application has been declined to assess whether an appeal can be made and can help them in getting their right full visa through an appeal which is provided by the respective countries.

IAA: https://iaa.ewr.govt.nz/PublicRegister/Search.aspx


Mr. Dilip Kumar Nooney: Licensed Immigration Advisor - IAA No: 201200040.